Favorite Products

Doner Kebab

Beef and beef fat, sunflower oil, yogurt, onion, salt and spice mixture

Allergens: Lactose

Tuna Beans Salad

Beans (%31), tuna fish (katsuwonus pelamis (25%), olive oil, water, chickpeas, carrot, black olive, salt.

Allergens: Fish 

Muesli Bar with StrawberryY

Cereals (55.6%), whole wheat (29.7%), rice, whole oats (4.1%), glucose syrup, sugar, partially inverted brown sugar syrup, palm oil, barley malt extract, humectant ( glycerol), freeze-dried strawberries (3.0%), barley malt extract (barley, barley malt), cranberry sugar (dried cranberry particles, sugar), salt, flavoring (strawberry), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin, fatty acids) mono- and diglycerides), molasses, acidity regulator (citric acid), antioxidants (tocopherol-rich extract, alpha tocopherol).

Allergens: Gluten

Vegetable Salad with Rice

Rice (24.19%), water (24.06%), chickpeas (11.39%), carrots (9.29%), corn (9.02%), canola oil (8.86%), peas (8.56%), olive oil (2.15%), margarine (1.08%), salt (0.69%), spices (0.58%), lemon juice (0.13%). 

Allergens: N/A

Orbit Beans with Olive Oil

Green beans (57.06%), onion (16%), tomato (16%), canola oil (4%), olive oil (2.4%), tomato paste (1.4%), pepper paste (1.4%), corn starch (0.6%), sugar (0.6%), spices (0.34%), salt (0.2%).       

Allergens: N/A

Paella Rice

Groski rice (22.5%), baby clam (chamelea gallina) (27.5%), extra virgin olive oil (18.1%), water (11.3%), shrimp (parapenaeus longirostris) (8.%), paprika, onion, garlic, salt (0.8%), parsley, chili pepper, spices.

Allergens: Fish, shellfish, mussels

Chicken Doner Kebab

Chicken doner kebab (%93) (sunflower oil, spice mix, onion, vegetable fiber, salt, dextrose, thickener (carrageenan), stabilizer (sodium triphosphate, sodium diphosphate), pepper paste, flavor enhancer (yeast extract), acidity regulator (sodium citrate), preservative (sodium acetate)), sunflower oil.

Allergens: N/A

Turkish Meatballs in Tomato Soup

Beef meatballs (40%), (veal meat, lamb meat, breadcrumbs, onion, salt and spices mixture), water, potato, carrot, onion, tomato paste, sunflower oil, starch, salt, thickener (guar gum), spices, sugar.

Allergens: Gluten

Roasted Steak Bites

Beef (50%), sunflower oil, milk, onion, water, salt, spices.

Allergens: Lactose

B-04 Beef Goulash

Veal cubes (40%), water, onion, onion, tomato, tomato paste, pepper, sunflower oil, pepper paste, sugar, garlic, spices, salt, thickener (guar gum), acidity regulator (citric acid)

Allergens: N/A